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Hala Back Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt - Natural

Hala Back Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt - Natural

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Demarcated by its long narrow ribbon-like leaves, aerial roots, and pineapple-shaped fruit, the silhouette of the hala tree is an unmistakable sign of Hawaiian landscaping and the protagonist of our cotton broadcloth style Hala Back. From cloth weaving to wall thatching, every part of the hala tree was essential to the ancient Hawaiian way of life. The art of lauhala, a weaving technique for dried hala leaves, is still practiced throughout Hawai'i today. Drive through Nu'uanu Valley or O'ahu or Big Island's Puna coast and you're bound to catch sight of these stunning trees. 

Cut & sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii from 100% Japanese cotton broadcloth, a durable woven fabric. The prints' motifs and colors are softened by having the fabric's reverse side facing out.

  • 100% Cotton Broadcloth 
  • Matched pocket 
  • Laser engraved buttons with logo 
  • Made in Hawaii, USA 
  • Machine washable
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