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Long Sleeve Tech Tee - Pink

Long Sleeve Tech Tee - Pink

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The 2020 Bluefin USA Basic Long Sleeve Tech Tee: improved Softness of each Technical knitted shirt gives you a “peach” soft comfortable feel, full flexibility to your body and a complete ergonomic comfort.

The basic collection offers a vast range of colorful tops suited for any time of the day.

Available in pretty pastels and bright tones like orange, light blue, and aqua so that you can easily find the right piece and always look your best.

Great attention has been paid during the construction and design process so that all of our basic tees strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Touch and feel it on your body, it will amaze for its softness and lightness .


Made of 65 % Microfiber and 35 % Rayon.
Features SPF50 +, a must in today environment.
Wick and moisture management

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